Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fire and Conflict

Like fire, conflict attracts our attention, draws us in.

Like fire, conflict can burn and destroy.

Like fire, conflict can also warm and heal.

How do you use fire? How do you deal with conflict?

Think about it.

The Basics

These are the two main books that helped me not only understand and see alternative, more creative and positive ways of dealing with conflict, but also sustained me as I practiced the principles in my own everyday life. I cannot over-recommend these "bibles" by John Paul Lederach and Marshall Rosenberg:

The Little Book of Conflict


Nonviolent Communication

There's a new Rosenberg edition I found at Amazon, co-authored by Arun Gandhi, which includes a workbook, too:

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life -- Create Your Life, Your Relationships and Your World in Harmony with Your Values

Highly Recommended Online Courses

You might want to check out these very affordable online courses at Transcend Peace University.

They hire the best, if not the pioneers, in the field of conflict studies in many different areas. Its rector is the world-renowned Johan Galtung, the founder and director of TRANSCEND, an international peace and development network for conflict transformation through peaceful means.

I took my Peace Journalism course with Jake Lynch last March to June, 2007, and I am very satisfied with the content and process of the course.

1. Advanced course on Peaceful Conflict Transformation
2. Building Peace Education
3. Conflict Care and Reconciliation
4. Democratization and Development
5. Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation
6. Difesa Popolare Nonviolenta
7. Gender, Peace Building and De-militarization
8. Missed Opportunities: Iraq and the Balkans
9. Non-violent Political Institutions
10. Non-violent Tools and Philosophy
11. Peace and Global Compact
12. Peace and Literature
13. Peace Business
14. Peace Journalism
15. Peace Mathematics
16. Peace Zones
17. Peace, Gender and Violence
18. Peace, Macrohistory and the Future
19. Peaceful Conflict Transformation
20. Peaceful Conflict Transformation in Russian
21. The Human Right to Adequate Food
22. Transformacion Pacifica de Conflictos
23. Transformarea paşnică a conflictelor: Metoda TRANSCEND
24. Values for a comprehensive peace: Ethics for the 21st century